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UMS College and Career Planning

   "Isn't it a little early to plan out your life?"  

     It may seem a little early for most kids to make decisions about their future, especially if you plan on those choices remaining constant. However, having career goals makes school relevant--even if those goals end up changing; having a plan tied to those goals makes the future seem possible.
     Kids that know why they are at school, and what they hope to get out of it, show up and put in their best (instead of flying under the radar until the bell rings). If any of our students are self-aware or lucky enough to know what they want out of life, we'd like our efforts to contribute to them getting there. But if they're like the rest of us, we'll try to point them toward their interests for now and adjust as we go along.
     The following information is a little of what we use to help students make plans for future success, or (at least) keep school relevant as our students figure stuff out:

Example 4-year-plans and additional information

 Please talk to a high school counselor for final advice on class choices.
Information changes regularly and examples are not always up-to-date.

Four Year Plan and 9th grade registration EXAMPLE

Regents Plan

UB Tech 900 Plan

College Sports Plan

Regents Scholarship
UB Tech Stackable Degrees

College and Career in the Basin

UB Tech

Utah Futures



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