Counseling Program

Alignment and Curriculum

6th Grade guidance curriculum begins in each 5th grade classroom. 5th grade classes from our feeder schools (Ashley, Measer, Lapoint, ect.) come to UMS for a field-trip orientation. Administration and counselors travel to feeder schools for an orientation presentation for schools that are not able to travel. 5th grade classes that are able to make the trip are oriented and handed over to select students from our current 6th grade class take over. Students explore the school, learn how to open the lockers, and talk to current UMS 6th graders about transitioning to middle school. 
During the first few weeks of 6th grade, Counselors visit 6th grade classes to review orientation topics and to discuss the social and academic challenges of middle school. Topics include: bullying, crisis reporting, communication with peers and teachers, and academic success strategies.
        6th grade teachers reinforce guidance topics and introduce others during extended CLASSY time each day. 6th graders also learn to access and track their grades and assignments through ASPIRE.
Near the end of the year, Counselors return to classrooms to assess 6th grade student knowledge of counseling topics in order to improve future instruction. Retention of guidance information is also assessed through 6th grade Health. Topics are reviewed again to reinforce strategies and to prepare students for mentoring visiting 5th graders.

7th grade guidance curriculum is heavily influenced by state Career and Technology Education standards and competencies. Counselors play a supportive role as they assist CTE teachers in covering Career Development Activities and in planning for local college tours and career activities (e.g. Reality Town, guest speakers, etc.).
Artifacts from 7th grade CTE and guidance activities are collected (via Utah Futures or other methods) by counseling staff or CTE teachers for use in 8th grade College and Career Readiness planning.

College and Career Readiness is the focus of 8th grade guidance curriculum. Counselors visit classrooms to review high school graduation requirements, credits, and college/career planning. 8th grade guidance curriculum is vertically aligned to goals set by high school counselors, Utah "1,2,4 or More" initiatives and to prior knowledge and experience gained in 7th grade CTE  activities. 
8th grade students complete a rough-draft of a Four-Year-Plan for high school, and use that plan to preregister for 9th grade classes. The rough Four-Year-Plan, and the 9th grade preregistration form are review by each student's parent or guardian during an individual College and Career Readiness meeting with a UMS counselor.


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